Cat Tumbler Toy AVOCADO


AVOCADO Design Tumbler Cat Toy Feather Teaser USB Rechargable Automatic Play Interactive Motion Smart Cat Toy


1. INTERACTIVE: While touching this cat toy, the built-in motion sensor will kick into action and the feather wand rotates 360 degree in an irregular manner;

2. Automated Standby Mode: Without any interaction for 3 minutes, the robot cat toy switches to standby mode automatically to save battery power.

3. The moving cat toy is quiet and noise-free;

4. The avocado design and feather in the wand pole prove to be eye-catching for cats, stimulating them to play and exercise;

5. Keep Your Cats Exicise: This smart cat toy prompts sporadic movements and stimulates their natural instincts to hunt, keeping them physically fit and mentally active.

6. Re power by USB Charger( USB charging cable is included )



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